Workshops & Ceremonies

Join us for Tea and learn the art of making tea

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Tea Ceremony

60 mins

Great opportunity to sit for tea. Whether you have never had tea ceremony before or been drinking for years. These sessions are done in silence to allow for you to fully appreciate the experience.


Introduction to Tea

90 mins

These sessions are for those that want to dive a little deeper, with a full tea ceremony follow by a discussion on what makes tea such an important addition to the human life.


Dive deep for a full day workshop on a brewing methods. Both of these days offer you the chance to experience the brewing method, understand the philosophy behind it and then practice it yourself. By the end of the day you will be able to take the practice home to those in your life!

Full Day Workshop: Part 1 & 2

6 Hours


Weekly Classes

75 mins

Serious about developing your tea practice? Why not join us for our weekly classes. Every week there will be a new topic talk about, a tea to try or experiment to do.