Shoshin - Aged Liu Bao

Shoshin - Aged Liu Bao


“In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, in the expert's mind there are few.”

Dropping preconceptions, Shoshin means to approach something with an open and eager state of mind. Liu Bao (六堡茶) is an example of a traditional Black Tea, which may be something you have never tried.

Produced in mainland China, in Cangwu County in Guangxi Province's Wuzhou City area, the main characteristic of black tea is a post-production piling. This process this is more akin to composting and involves bacteria in the fermentation process. The liquor of black tea is dark and rich, with a warming Qi? that spreads out from the chest. Liu Bao is great for alleviating excess heat, dispelling dampness and clearing the throat and lungs.

Aged for 10 years, is a great place to begin you journey, whether you have been drinking tea all your life or this will be your first loose leaf tea.

Soft and gentle, subtly bringing us back to the beginning. It is deep, dark and rich, even and smooth in the mouth, cooling and removing dampest from the body, tender and steady on the spirit.

Available in 50g and 150g

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